I want to try and finish writing Atticus by the END of July. Its a big goal for me since I’m so bad at writing consistently, but thats my goal I think!

I’ve been doing more live streams on twitch which has been a blast. Folks have been so goofy…

Today Im glad I don’t have streams or content planned. Im extremely drained from my first back into the office and I’m feeling pretty emotional to boot. Im pretty sad about having to not work from home now. …

In an effort to do the title, here is a teeny tiny blog from me.

This morning I had the realization that all my friends are married off now.
There will be no more weddings for me to be a part, and my chance of ever being someone’s best man is no 0, which is a bummer because I always wanted to be a bestman.

Ah well I suppose. It is what it is.

Just sharing a thought thats making me feel kind of sad today.


If you’re a guy who gatekeeps gaming against others based on their “sex or gaming background” and all you play is FPS and sports, and Im talking CoD, BF, R6, any shooter really, or FIFA/Madden, then you need to sit yourself down.

Because wow, that audacity you have is insane…

There is a lot of phenomenal life lessons in various media. Some that really jump out at me

Cars 1 and 3
Toy Story 1–4
Most pixar films
Mother 3
Xenoblade Chronicles
Final Fantasy X
Daniel Tiger

So many important life lessons such as:

Dealing with pride
Thinking of others

Apparently the trend today has been to argue on whether Pearl, a character from Splatoon 2, is or was ever racist towards Octolings.

If you’re new to Splatoon heres a quick mini run down.

In Splatoon two of the major races are Inklings, squids who can turn into kids…or is…

Its another tough day here.

Doesn’t feel like I can talk to anyone. Even though I can. But I don’t feel understood. Or only feel judged for not being happy.

Thats the theme of my life lately

I feel judged for being unhappy.

I have no reason to be sad.

But I feel unwanted

and worthless

and it feels like everyone is better off and me not being present wouldn’t impact anyone or anything.

And you might chime in with “Yeah but you have a wife and kid, they’d notice!”

But its more like they’d be better off.

Oh well.

Tomorrow’s another day.
But that’s what I said yesterday and it’s the same day.


(chuck-uh-cue) I'm married and a father to 2 amazing boys, eggman and firelord. I like my Nintendo games and jrpgs.

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