A Little Rant about “Men” in Gaming

If you’re a guy who gatekeeps gaming against others based on their “sex or gaming background” and all you play is FPS and sports, and Im talking CoD, BF, R6, any shooter really, or FIFA/Madden, then you need to sit yourself down.

Because wow, that audacity you have is insane. First off, who the hell cares about what games people play? You think I give a crap all you play is Call of Duty Cody? No I flippin don’t. Play away. But you don’t see me telling what a low tier gamer you are. Even though FPS is the Pumpkin Spice Latte of gaming, I’m not here to tell you’re garbage for playing it. I encourage you to play what makes you happy. But you ding dongs go around gatekeeping a pass time like you have some say in the matter. Demanding others to prove their fandom and authenticity to you is mostly sad.

In fact if we’re going to go around proving the authenticity of gaming then its to list off your own. And by your standards only listing CoD or FPS “won’t count”. By your standards I’m probably a god of gaming compared to your silly FPS land. Here are some of my accomplishments in gaming

Mega Man 1–11 — Buster Only Run
Mega Man X 1–8 — Buster Only Run
Animal Crossing New Leaf — All Gold Medals, 90% Catalog, All Bugs, fish, art, and fossils
Animal Crossing — All Bugs, Fish and Fossils, all golden tools
Chrono Trigger — every single ending, full team rainbow weapons/armour
Chrono Cross — Every single ending and character (thats 50+)
Fire Emblem (us), FE SS, FE PoR, FE SoV, FE A, FE F, FE 3H — hardest difficulties, no deaths
Fire Emblem (US) perfect 5 star ranking
Sonic 1–4 + Mania — All Chaos Emeralds (Sonic 2 all chaos emeralds in Stage 1)
Final Fantasy 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10–2, 11 12, 13, 13–2, 14 2.xx-5.55, 15
Final Fantasy 7 — raise gold choco, beat ruby, beat emerald, get w-summon, get w-item, get all master materia, get knights of the round, default weapon run, LB Level 4 Disc 1
Final Fantasy 8 — Squall to 100 in Garden, Lion Heart Disc 1, All GFs, Ultimecia Castle Attack only, Default weapon Run
Final Fantasy 9 — Distance Ozma Fight, All final weapons, All summons
Final Fantasy 10 — Dark Aeons, Penance, Nemesis, Omega, Complete Sphere grid, Plat trophy ( I also own every single version of FFX and had a modded ps2 just for the international version)
Final Fantasy 13 — No Fang or Snow, Sab/Com/heal only, Beat the entire arena on DPS checks no tank, crystarium complete
Final Fantasy Legend I-III
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Dragon Quest 1, 2, 8, 9, 11 (8 and 11 secret endings)
Kingdom Heats 1, 1.5, 2, 358/2, 0.2, 3D, 2.8, 3 — all secret endings and journals, and hardest difficulty
Legend of Legaia
Digimon World 1–4

and these are just some. I got bored of typing out my “credentials” to prove to some Cody I am a gamer. And the awesome thing is, while my list is pretty impressive, there are plenty of female gamers who tower over my list of gaming accomplishments.

You play FPS and maybe sports or racing? Bruh. By your own standards how can you even be a gamer playing such genres? Heres what I’ve played, and I classify play as finished games in the genre.

Platformer, JRPG, WRPG, SRPG, Life Sim, Farming, Collectathon, Fighting, Racing, FPS, Mobile, Puzzle, RTS, cozy, narrative, visual novel, sports
You wanna talk down to games like stardew valley cause “theyre baby games” OK CODY RIGHT NOW TELL ME THE OPTIMAL ROUTE TO GET RASPBERRIES AND MAKE THE MOST PROFIT IN SUMMER YEAR 1 NOW.
Oh weird, can’t do it? Maybe take a seat.

Hey Cody, this you?

Seriously, who hurt you poor guys so much that you’re afraid of female gamers? They’re everywhere, they’re awesome, and they’re entitled to the hobby just like anyone else. Whether they play digital sudoku to grinding Extreme Mode Diamond Weapon in FFXIV Online. If you’re playing a game, you’re a gamer. And to talk down on Nintendo gamers like theyre bad? You realize it was the late Satoru Iwata, may he rest in peace, whose entire concept was “How can we get a gaming system in the hands of people who do not currently play games.” And guess what buddy? He pulled it off, time and time again bringing the amazing world of gaming to EVERYONE.
So check yourselves. Seriously, everyone is beyond over you.

(chuck-uh-cue) I'm married and a father to 2 amazing boys, eggman and firelord. I like my Nintendo games and jrpgs.